Here We Go Again

Life is crazy, or, at least my life is crazy.

Over the past two years I changed professions, twice, traveled the world, and changed the world… well, a little bit.

I experienced new continents, new cultures, new holidays and came this close to meeting the King of Swaziland.

My life is pretty sweet, and it’s only going to get sweeter.

In case you haven’t heard I’m moving, to Bolivia to be exact.  Now I know what you’re thinking, why the heck Bolivia?  Thailand, Italy heck even Kenya sound more appealing than Bolivia.  Well, I’ve done the whole living in Thailand thing.  I love the country and would without a doubt, jump at a chance to live there again.  But for now, Bolivia is where I’m supposed to be.  See, I’m one of those strange people who really thinks I can change the world, and right now I’m going to be working to create that change in Bolivia, but more on that later.

I’m writing here on this blog, now, because I’m finally ready.  I’m ready to to share what I know.  To talk about travel, my experiences, give tips and share my favorite places.  I’ve been given some incredible experiences and if I can help inspire even one traveler the way other travel bloggers have inspired me, then my job is done.

So please, join me on this journey throughout the world and come with me as I dive into the life and culture of Bolivia!

And welcome, to A World Extraordinary!


Ayutthaya, Thailand

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