Photo Of The Week: Kanchanaburi + An Adventure!

 Photo of the Week, where each Wednesday I’ll be spotlighting a different photo from my travels around the world.

Yes, this week I’m a day late, I blame it on a poor internet connection here in Bolivia.  But better late than never!

This week my photo is from Erawan Waterfall just outside of Kanchanaburi, Thailand, one of my favorite places in the country!  Erawan Waterfall is made up of 7 different tiers, with the top tier being a decent 45 minute hike from the first one, but it’s totally worth it.  The pools of these waterfalls aren’t only known to be a great place to cool of, they’re also home to a species of sucker fish similar to the ones found in fish spas, that like to suck the dead skin from your body.  At first I’ll admit, it’s a little creepy, but if you let them do their work you’ll come out with some pretty smooth skin.

And now for the adventure part.  I’ve been living in Bolivia for less than a week, but thank’s to some adventurous co-volunteers, this weekend I’m going to be able to check something off from the top of my bucket list and I’m so excited!!!  Can you guess what if could be?

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