Identity: Travel Blogger


I’ve had a lot of trouble blogging lately, have you noticed?

Not for lack of material, that’s for sure.  I mean, I live in Bolivia and it’s freaking amazing.

Over the past few weeks I’ve started many blogs, only to stop and never get back to them.

Why did I do that?  Waste of time.

If I were being a good travel blogger I would have already written about the 3 days I spent in the saltiest place on earth, or the day I faced death head on when I biked the road literally named after the event that occurs so often on it.

But I haven’t been a good travel blogger. Apparently I’ve been lazy, and I blame this almost wholly on the fact that recently I moved to a new country, on a different continent where they speak a language I don’t, overwhelming no?

However, I think the biggest problem when it comes down to this little blog of mine is the big box of comparison I’ve been living in.  I’ll start a blog only to think oh so and so could write a much better blog than this, or this travel blogger had much better photos, or even let myself get discouraged by the fact that I have such a small audience at the moment.

It’s easy to forget that at one point, each and every travel blogger whose blogs I admire started off right where I am.  They simply grasped their dream and ideas, ran with it, and in the end made something out of it.

So now’s the time.  If I really, really want to do this I have to figure out who I am, define my voice and be happy with it.

No more comparisons, because at the end of the day I’ll never be like Legal Nomads, SpunkyGirl Monologues, A Dangerous Business,  or any of the other bloggers I admire…

And that’s a good thing, because one is enough, and I want people to read my blog because I am the only one like me, not because I’m like everyone else.

So here’s to new beginnings and new attempts at this little thing I’ve played with for years called travel blogging.  The beginning may be a little rough, but I know that eventually I’ll establish a rhythm and then all I can say is watch out world, because here I come!

Doing what I do best at Salar De Uyuni

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