Salar De Uyuni: It’s About Perspective

Perspective shots that is.

You’ve seen them, drooled over them, dreamt of what you would do if you could have the chance to stand upon the endless white salty expanse.

I mean, I know I did.

When I put my “bucket list” together last year, visiting Salar De Uyuni was at the top of it.  Then, last May I decided to move to Bolivia to spend a year volunteering…

Hello, prefect chance!

Although I knew funds would be low I also knew I had to do all I could to try to get to Salar while I was here.  And, honestly I didn’t have to try very hard.  Literally a chance fell into my lap within my first week in the country.  Who would have thought?

So, 7 days after touching down in South America I booked a three day tour throughout the Salar and the SW corner of Bolivia.

Unfortunately we missed the rainy season by a mere couple weeks. It would have been amazing to see the infinite mirror caused by a thin layer of water settling on the salt, but from the first second we drove onto the flats I was awestruck by the contrast between the unearthly blue sky and the pure white salt.  Rainy season or dry, this place is incredible.

After a 15 minute drive we stopped at an abandoned salt hotel for lunch, where by the way every other tour and their uncle also stopped.  The place was freaking packed, but we managed to find a little spot of salt without french tourists in the background posing on top of Pringles cans, and take our fill of perspective shots.

There was of course the stereotypical dinosaur shots…

And a stomping shot…

Then we got some other ideas…

And later on, as we were waiting for the sunset we decided to take some more, just because we hadn’t taken enough already right?

And then I had to take some non-perspective shots too, just because the place was so darn beautiful…

All in all I was pretty impressed by the first day of our tour.  Aside from a flat tire (this tour involved some serious off-roading, it was bound to happen), we had no problems.

At the end of the day I dreaded leaving the salt flats.  It was like standing upon the white clouds of heaven only to be reintroduced to the brown grime of earth, but there were some pretty awesome sites up ahead…

Stay tuned for part 2!

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