North America

The continent I’ve felt lucky to call home for most of my life, North America is big and beautiful, and I’ve been lucky, thanks to my parents aversion to flying for most of my life, to see a lot of it.  And I mean really see it, through hours and hours spent driving.  I hated it then, I’m grateful for it now.  I’ve always loved living in America (although you wouldn’t know it from my post college track record).  Not for it’s riveting politics, and definitely not for it’s consumer mindset, but for it’s diversity in both culture and landscape.  I’ve been planning a cross country roadtrip since I was 13.  One where I stop and really experience each place, and one day, I swear, I’m going to do it!

Click on the links below to check out my posts from North America

A Stroll Through Pike Place Market (Sept. 2012)
Feeling the Peace at Lake Bonaparte (Sept 2012)


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