In My Bag

Packing for Nepal was a bit of a challenge.  We came from Thailand where people love aerobics but they don’t hike much so we had to make due with what we could find.  There were many changes I would have made if I had come from America and had the opportunity to buy the real deal.  These differences were mainly in clothing and equipment (the big things on a trek right?)

My Packing List

  • Sweatpants (1)
  • Sweatshirt (2)
  • Columbia fleece (this was amazing)
  • Long sleeve shirt (I would have liked to have one more, maybe underarmor)
  • t-shirts (workout style) (5)
  • nicer t-shirts (2) (I wore these in kathmandu)
  • tanktop (1) (I don’t know why I brought this)
  • jeans (1)
  • shorts (1) ( I never wore these)
  • Khaki pants (1) ( I wore these in Katmandu)
  • North Face Zipper Pants (1) (I bought these in the Tamel district the night before our trek and I wore them almost everyday)
  • gloves
  • bandanas (2)
  • SIGG waterbottle ( I frequently ran out of water and really wished I had my camelpack)
  • Trekking poles ( I only had one and it worked well but 2 is better)
  • Heavy socks (4 pair)
  • Light socks (4 pair)
  • Tennis shoes
  • Flip flops (for in Kathmandu)
  • Hiking boots
  • Sunglasses (2 pair)
  • Small bottles of Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash ( I only took 2 showers when hiking on the trail)
  • Sarong ( I used it as a towel but I recommend a trekking towel instead)
  • Canon Rebel XTI
  • 2GB Memory cards (3)
  • extra Battery ( I wish I had brought my battery charger as well)
  • 70-300 Telephoto lens
  • Fisheye lens extention
  • Cleaning cloth and UV filter
  • Point and Shoot Camera and Extra Bettery
  • Book ( I took one on the trail with me and left the other in Katmandu.  I finished that first book in 3 days and desperately wished I’d brought the other with me)
  • Credit Card
  • US debit
  • Thai debit card
  • Watch
  • Wet wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Legginings (to use in place of long underwear, I don’t recommend this but I had no choice)
  • Sleeping Bag (rented in Thamel)
  • Down Jacket (rented in Thamel, came in very handy in Tengboche where it was FREEZING!)
  • 1 roll of toilet paper ( I could have used 1 more)
  • hairbrush
  • hairties (10)
  • small notebook to take notes in
  • Baseball hat ( I never wore)
  • Warm winter hat (I didn’t need, they sell much cuter ones in Nepal)
  • Journal
  • Pens
  • regular bras (2)
  • sports bras (2)
  • 15 underwear
  • IPOD with arm strap
  • Flashlight ( a headlamp would have been awesome)
  • Sunscreen (small bottle)
  • Playing cards (used these everyday playing games with our guide and porters)
  • Travel insurance ( didn’t end up needing but it was comforting to have)
  • Moelskin
  • Headbands (3)
  • Minimal makeup (foundation)
  • Candy for kids (They loved it but I wish I had brought pipecleaners instead.  We could make them into shapes and the kids liked them.  Bonus, it didn’t rot their teeth)
  • Ibuprophin
  • Chewable peptobismal
  • Bandaids
  • Athletic tape
  • Scissors
  • Nailfile with knife (was awesome but in the future I’ll get a swiss army knife)
  • Naturevalley bars (10) (Luna Bars would have been awesome)
  • Bag of trailmix
  • Travel sized facewash
  • 20 qtips
  • 100 Liter Deuter Backpack with detachable small pack (The porters carried this and used ropes so I could have just brought a duffel)
  • Smaller daypack (wish I had one with straps with better support)

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